Basic and Advanced Character Creation Rules

The New World of Darkness Character Creation and game play is based on similar foundations to the original Street Fighter game. As such the rules for the New WoD are cleaner and has faster action than any of the old Systems. By making a few simple changes using the WoD conversion chart it was possible to bring the incomplete Rules of Street Fighter into the Modern core set. This allows for far greater Character versatility being able to use the Merits and Flaws system and a larger variety of backgrounds to individualize a Street Fighter.

Character Creation begins by making a character using the New WoD book and adding a Street Fighter Template transforming the character into one of the Champions destined to defend the Earthrealm from destruction.

During the adding of the Template there are several options on Alternate Species that may be taken. Each one of these is considered either a minor template or Alternate Streetfighter template. They follow the same rules as a standard streetfighter aside from the Abilities mentioned in the description.

The Template has a list of Fighting Styles that may be selected, an alternate list of Merits that may be selected unique to the Street Fighter Template listed as Backgrounds, and a comprehensive list of all available Maneuvers that are available to the character for free or that may be taken using a style, a species, or by using a weapon or artifact.

After creating your Character using these guidelines Combat Maneuver Cards should be written up that have each of your character’s available Special Maneuvers, Moves and Combat Actions. These Cards are the key to making combat run smoothly and truly embody the heart and excitement of the game.

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Basic and Advanced Character Creation Rules

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