Combat System

The Combat System in this campaign is a Hybrid. The primary system used is the New World of Darkness system. Elements of the Old Streetfighter Storytelling game have been introduced to give the game the fast paced action and playability of a fighting game. Very few changes are made to either system to combine them as the New world of darkness combat rules use many of the streetfighter core rules. When playing the game use the modified New World of Darkness Combat System. Below is an overview description of the altered and new combat rules as they apply to a combat turn.

Phase 1: Combat Card – Each player selects a combat maneuver that they will be using. Once everyone has their maneuver chosen each player announces the initiative speed they will be moving. This plays out exactly like in the Classic Streetfighter rules, however the movement and speed of each Maneuver is changed and will have different effects on the Combat Maneuver Cards due to the system having different Attributes and Advantages.

Phase 2: Player Rotation – The Player with the slowest initiative speed for that turn goes first. Players have a Movement action followed by an attack action. Unless a Special Maneuver is played that alters the order in which the character might Move and attack they must follow that order during their turn. Characters with faster speeds may interrupt a character currently taking action with a slower speed at any point during their turn, the slower speed character is placed on hold until the faster character is done and then continues his turn. This process is continued until all characters have taken their turn.

Phase 3: Attack/Maneuver – If a character is in range to perform the maneuver that was selected in Phase 1, the character gathers a dice pool as detailed in WoD rulebook. This is typically a base Attack Rating listed on the Combat Card and subtracting the target’s defense and any armor or block. If the dice pool falls below 1, a desperation roll may still be made as detailed in WoD. The number of successes will translate into damage of a type specified in the Combat Card. Recording damage of different types may have additional effects in Damage Resolution

Phase 4: Resolution – Any special effects such as Dizzied or any Special Maneuver abilities that would expire do so at this point. Any ongoing effects such as fire or sustained holds are resolved and if the combat is on a clock the time shifts during this phase.

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Combat System

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