Gaining and Spending Experience

Spending Experience

Attributes – New Dot x 5 (Up to 5 dots)
Attributes Higher than 5 – New Dot x 7 (Must either have the Merit allowing for a Higher Attribute or Prerequisite to achieve the higher Attribute before purchasing with xp)
Skills – New Dot x 3
Skill Specialty – 3 Points
Backgrounds/Merit – New Dot x 2 (Must be Approved before taking)
Chi/Energy – New Dot x 3
Willpower – New Dot x 2
Technique – New Dot x 3
Special Maneuvers/Power – 4 x Power Point Rating
Combination Maneuvers – 5 x Power Point Rating
Additional Health – 10 per Dot (Maximum number of Health varies. See)

Experience Points Awarded Each Sanctioned Game Session

1 – Automatic
1 – Learning Curve (Must reveal something significant learned about the story)
1 – Roleplaying (Must play character Within Concept as well as Vice and Virtue)
1 – Heroism (Perform a heroic act. Not necessarily “good” but significant)
1 – Victory (Any game that includes a victory in a scheduled bout)

Tournament, Headline, and Title Bout Experience

2 – Each tier won During a tournament
3 – Being the Overall Victor in a Tournament containing at least 16 combatants
2 – Victory in a Headline Bout
5 – Winning a Title
3 – Maintaining a Title against a Top Contender

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Gaining and Spending Experience

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