Known Tournaments

Tournaments are typically underground events that require a good Manager to find and more importantly to get a fighter ranked and entered into. A Fighter’s Ranking is determined by a number of factors including their Renown and their record. There are a few Tournaments that are legendary events that can’t be kept secret from anyone in the Fighting World. These famed events however are reserved for the most advanced of fighters and are typically by invitation only.

Minor Tournaments are used as stepping stones for fighters to climb in the Rankings, however they are still scaled to Mid-Ranked fighters. Though most of these Tournaments might not be invitation only, they do have several qualifiers and challenges that must be met before entrance is allowed. Beginner Tournaments are where the truly inexperienced break into the fight circuit. These Tournaments are recruiting grounds for true fighters. They are open to all comers however, they are hidden in secret locations making them difficult to any without connections in the underground or those are creative enough to find their way into the

Major Tournament Events
The World Warrior Tournament
The King of Fighters Tournament
The Black Dragon Society Kumite
The Shin Nihon Kikaku Invitational
Mortal Kombat Tournament

Minor Tournament Events
Full Throttle Underground Qualifiers
Global Rampage presented by Scum Soda

Beginner Tournament Events
The Martial Carnival

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Known Tournaments

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