Maneuver Types

The various type descriptors that are placed on Maneuvers explaining effects that govern the maneuver beyond the specific action. These Types range from rule sets that attack to a maneuver such as Block to Types that restrict characters that may gain access to the maneuver such as alternate energy forms. When choosing a Special Maneuver it is important to review all of that Maneuver’s Types carefully to best utilize its abilities and avoid consequences.

General Types
-Block maneuvers apply additional protection to a Fighter
-Counter maneuvers either stop an attack as part of an interrupt or interrupt an attack with a counter strike.
-Dishonorable maneuvers are frowned upon by the Fighting community and may have consequences if used in the wrong situation.
-Energy maneuvers utilize either chi or other power source to charge the maneuver with effects not available to mundane individuals
-Modification maneuvers are maneuvers that are either not played as an attack and just make an adjustment to the fighter or are played in conjunction with another attack maneuver changing it in some way.
-Momentum Strike maneuvers are used to build Momentum for use in greater attacks.
-Projectile maneuvers use foreign materials at a distance to strike opponents.
-Signature maneuvers are moves that a fighter has specialized and made their own.
-Super Maneuver is a maneuver empowered by the Momentum Gauge.
-Ranged maneuvers are any strike or weapon attack that happen at a distance.
-Transformation maneuvers change the user’s form.

Damage Types
-Standard Damage is the most common damage type.
-Lethal Damage is typically reserved for lesser weapons or focus strikes intended to kill.
-Deadly Damage is typically reserved for firearms or powerful maneuvers that can cause fatality.
-Aggravated Damage maneuvers are extremely powerful moves that can cause permenant damage if they are survived. Typically these attacks are banned in competition fighting.
-Brutal Damage is seen mostly from explosives or other weapons that cover area effects.

Movement Types
-Abort Maneuver is a reactive action that can replace other Maneuvers.
-Aerial is a maneuver that must be performed while leaping through the air.
-Combo Maneuver is a type that can be added to any maneuver purchased as part of a combination.
-Crouching is an action taken very close to the ground.
-Escape Maneuver can be used to defend or break free from Grabs.
-Knockdown attacks send opponents to the ground prone.
-Knockback attacks move an opponent without knocking them to the ground.
-Multi-Hit attacks strike multiple times with a single Maneuver.
-Sustained Hold is a Maneuver that restrains an opponent and causes damage over time.

Energy Maneuver Types
-Dark Chi type Maneuvers appear in multiple Fighting Styles however only characters that use Dark Chi may use them
-Drain Maneuvers allows certain characters to sap energy from an opponent and restore their own power.
- Kailindo Maneuver is a maneuver that allows a shape shifter to purchase the maneuver in all alternate forms with one purchase.
-Primal focuses certain characters anger into a powerful source of energy.
-Rage Maneuvers require the character to use Rage as their energy source. Maneuvers with the Rage descriptor may appear in multiple Fighting Styles however they may only be taken or employed by those characters who utilize Rage Energy.
-Spell Types are special powers that require Mana or Enchantment to use. Enchantment can only power spells if they are apart of the item that stores the enchantment energy. Spell Type Maneuvers may appear in Multiple Fighting Styles however only those that employ Mana may use these Maneuvers. Spell Types are all considered general maneuvers because any spell can be learned by any style so long as the practitioner uses Mana.

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Maneuver Types

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