New Style Creation Rules

It is possible to create a new fighting style in this game. There are two ways to accomplish this. The first is by creating a variant to an existing style and the second I to build a style from the ground up. Either option must be approved by the Storyteller. It should be noted that existing styles are not bound by the rules that are covered in style creation because those styles are in no way new. They have had many years to develop and gain additional Maneuvers that surpass the base number of available moves or acquire a larger range of closed and unique Maneuvers.

General Rules on Modifying an existing style:

Modifying a style typically consists of changing out a number of special maneuvers within the style or adding a unique ability to a style at the cost of existing maneuvers or abilities. The Storyteller will adjust costs to maneuvers in altered styles to reflect the difficulty of modifying a proven method of a martial form.

General Rules on Building a new Style:

Energy (Chi) /Willpower – Total points between Energy and Willpower for any New Style begins at 7. Non-Mystic forms may not begin with a Chi above 2.

Technique – Each Style has a primary Technique category unless it is a universal style. The primary technique will hold at least one third of the 25 total chosen maneuvers in the Style. Whatever the primary technique is of a style must hold two of the three Restricted or “Closed” Maneuvers as well as any new unique Maneuver. Any Maneuver in a non-primary technique category will have a raised cost to learn in that style. Alternatively the style may be considered a Universal style. These may have up to five closed maneuvers rather than Three but are not able to create new maneuvers. Also no closed maneuver may be in the same technique category. Each technique category in a Universal style must contain the same number of chosen maneuvers available to the style. Closed maneuvers do not count when balancing the number of maneuvers in each technique.

Begin selecting Maneuvers by first using the Common Maneuver Style Template. These are the maneuvers that can be used by Any Style at the costs listed on the Template. These Maneuvers are a part of every style including the New ones created in this section and do not count against maneuvers chosen for the style.

Choosing Special Maneuvers – New Styles begin with 25 maneuvers they may choose and no more than 3 maneuvers that are Restricted or “Closed” maneuvers from another style. As part of these “Closed” Maneuvers a New Style may create a single New Unique Maneuver that will only be available to practitioners of that style. Cost of the Maneuvers is based on a number of factors including the style’s Chi/Willpower rating as well as the Style’s Primary Technique category. It is also possible to spend multiple choices of the 25 maneuvers to a single selection further reducing the cost to purchase it for that style. The final cost of each maneuver in the style is finalized by the Storyteller before approval is granted however a guideline is listed below. When developing a New Style additional maneuvers may be added by increasing costs to maneuvers in the same technique category with the Storyteller’s approval. Keep in mind that Creating a Style is a process not taken on lightly and is a collaborative effort between the player and Storyteller.

Example Guidelines

Common maneuver selected reduces cost to purchase that maneuver by 1, an additional 1 point reduction may be added to maneuvers in a style’s primary technique.

Restricted maneuver purchased is added at the highest cost if chosen. A 1 point reduction can be added to maneuvers in a Style’s primary technique.

Alternate and Optional Rules

New Style Creation Rules

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