A Sensei is a teacher. To learn any new Maneuver a character must find someone who knows the move he wishes to learn and spend time training with the teacher. After the time is spent training with them they are then able to spend the experience and add the maneuver to their list. Sensei’s are a great way to avoid the need to seek out a trainer each time a new move is desired.

Teachers have many functions but their primary duty is to help a fighter grasp a concept more quickly than a fighter would be able to learn it on their own. A fighter learning a new Special Maneuver must spend one month of training per two experience points that the move costs. A Sensei reduces the time it takes to learn a Special Maneuver by the Sensei Rating, so long as the Master has the Maneuver being learned. Example: A character wants to learn a move with a power point cost of 3, costing 12 experience. He would spend six months on his own learning the maneuver with a random teacher or perhaps from a book, then spending the experience would add the move to his list. With a Sensei of 2 he reduces the effective power point cost concerning the time it takes to learn. After spending 12 experience he must spend only two months before mastering the move. If he has a Sensei at three the same maneuver may be learned in the minimal amount of time which is 1 week.

1- Sensei has a good number of moves from the Style (All Moves with a Technique of 2 or less in the style) but is only available for tutelage one per Adventure.
2- Sensei has a good grasp of the Style and is Available twice during the Adventure
3- Superior knowledge of the Style (All moves but those that are closed and exclusive)
4- Master of the Style knows every move within the Style
5- True Master has a few moves that they may teach from outside the Style or a unique maneuver that is held as a prize secret. (These Maneuvers are up to the storyteller to decide and there is no guarantee that the sensei will teach them to the player unless the player is a devoted student and possibly fulfills a quest)



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